1968        Born, Saillon, Switzerland.
1984-1989   Cabinet maker apprentice, Martigny, Ardon.
1991-1992   Travels to USA.
1993-1996   Swiss School of Sculpture, Brienz, Switzerland.
1996        Open own studio in Saillon.
1997        Calligraphy course by Erich Kolp, Schauffhausen.
1998        Stone sculpture course by Charles König, Thun.
1999-2000   Travels to China.
2000        Stone sculpture course by Nicolas Wittwer, Merlischachen.
            Course in the plastic arts by Christian Bolt, Brienz.
2003-2004   Series of massive human figures in wood and concrete.
2005-2006   Resides and works in Madrid, Spain.
2005        Begins to create abstract works, with wood assemblages.
            Series of ink and gouache on paper.
2006        Moves to Ottawa, Canada.
2007        Series of paper decoupages.
2007-2008   Course in art history at the University of Ottawa.
2008        Series of plywood painted constructions.
            Begins to make photographies.
2009        Receives fellowship from Visarte, Switzerland.
            Receives fellowship from IAA, International Association of Art.
2011        Moves to Athens.
2012        Series of prints.
2012-2014   Séries photos: Between the sky and Koukaki.
2013-2015   Séries photos: Greek Islands.
            Séries photos: Athens, Cemetery number 1.
Swiss Sculptor Marc Raymond uses an assemblage technique to create bare sculptures. His abstract work, made of painted plywood and wood, have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Galleries and Cultural Centres, in Switzerland, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. Recently he exhibited in Canada at the Léo-Ayotte Art Centre in Shawinigan, Québec, at the Mont-Laurier Exhibition Center, Québec, at the Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Ontario, and in Switzerland at the Grande Fontaine Gallery in Sion.
In 2009, Mr. Raymond received fellowships from Visarte, the Visual Arts Association in Switzerland and from IAA, International Association of Art. He has carried out several public commissions and is the recipient of awards in Switzerland.
In addition to his sculpture work, Marc Raymond works with paper, presenting series of découpages, inks on paper, and photographies, close to the spirit of his sculptures.
Marc Raymond was born in Saillon, Switzerland in 1968. He attended the Swiss School of Sculpture in Brienz for three years with a specialistion in statuary  and obtained his diploma in 1996. After graduation, he carried out  internships with several Swiss sculptors. His travel to North America, to countries in Europe and his journey to China, influenced greatly his work.
Marc Raymond lives and works now in Athens.