My sculptures are made of assembled plywood and wood. They form bare abstract constructions, painted in white, bright red and yellow. A simple and pure energy emanates from theses shapes. At first glance, they seem minimalist, but you soon notice the complexity of  angles and assemblages. In the creation process, my core concerns are the search for inner tension and the coherence of the whole. I explore the space in different ways by displaying my sculptures on the ground, on bases or leaning against the wall.
I am a builder. I like to cut, saw, compose and put togethere. I like working with my hands, working with common every day materials. My work is  an attempt to express and discover my inner reality. It reflects who I am, along with all my dreams, failures and memories. It is also a reflection on our society, in all its complexity, a reflection on the human condition in seach of balance.
Art forces me to confront myself, alone, and helps me to discover who I am, to grow and to explore  another world, an inner world.
Marc Raymond